Reap game-changing dividends by establishing...
Unmatched Leadership Positioning and Brand Perception!


We do end-to-end political consulting, and campaign management services and solutions.

We are a perception strategy powerhouse that specializes in the art of leadership positioning and science of poll perception management.

Driven by traditional and cutting-edge technology marketing strategies, we strive to create, shape, influence public perception, campaign impact thereby position and establish leadership to win elections for our clients.

We provide leadership positioning, public perception, and electoral campaign management consultancy services to political leaders and parties. We have devised leadership and party-centric public perception strategies for prominent national and regional parties in various states.

Our Services

Our impact and outcome-focused perception consultancy solutions span research, strategy, coaching, branding, and marketing outreach for leaders, parties, and elections.



Surveys, focus groups & in-depth interviews

Snap polls, opinion polls, booth bolls, candidate polls and perception polls

Audit & Analysis at Booth / Constituency / District levels



Leadership positioning strategy

Political strategy

Election strategy

Alliance & Coalition building



Leadership & Party

Internal & External

Macro & micro

Conventional & digital



War-room Setup

Public meetings & Rallies

On-ground Promotions

Ground Activations & Drones

PR, Digital / Print Advertising

Our Campaigns

Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss
TN Water Wise
Praniti Shinde
Rohit Pawar
Sameer Bhujbal

Our Value Proposition

With our in-depth understanding of the geopolitical environment cutting across the barriers and nuances that distinguish certain state narratives from the rest of the country, we are credited with working for electrifying campaigns that have created impact for leaders and parties as game-changers.

We are a core team of veteran leadership and perception centric poll-strategists supported by diverse teams of research, analytics, branding, marketing, conventional, new media communication, and technology consultants. Our team of experts is from a diverse background of management, political science, and mass communications.

Parties we worked with

Party Leaders we worked with

Our Work @ Elections

We work with leaders and parties during elections across India. Here is a timeline of our works.

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