Core Team

Jhon Arokiasamy

Jhon is a leadership & brand perception strategist, political branding & propaganda specialist, strategic risk analyst and futuristic thinker. He is an expert in harnessing the power of strategy with technology, branding, marketing and communication for creating game changing impact & results. He comes with rich experience of corporate, brand and political strategy consulting serving leading communication consulting firms in senior management capacity in the past before forming Persona Leaders and JPG strategists along with some of the best strategy minds in the area of Communications, brand marketing, political campaign and elections management primarily to propagate the philosophy of ‘Horizontal leadership’ as a movement of new age leadership thinking for individual and organizational success.

Jhon’s strengths encompass specialty in disruptive technology driven new-generation leadership strategies for nurturing and creating leaders who are multi-directional and multi-dimensional. He served as Director on the board of a UK based strategic communications and market entry consulting firm who is known and regarded for result oriented strategic thinking and an unmatched commitment in furthering his clients’ interests with utmost integrity. With close to two decades of consulting expertise covering start-ups to several domestic and transnational blue chip brands across Corporate, Governmental, Political and Social sectors, he has proven ability to walk clients through the complexities and challenges of positioning, recognition, branding, reputation and repositioning them up the leadership value curve.

Jhon lead an integrated brand campaign for a prominent party’s CM candidate in 2016 TN Assembly Elections. He also co-lead the perception strategy team working in the war room for erstwhile CM & KPCC in 2018 KA Assembly Elections.

Hailing from an agriculturalist family he had his primary education in a vernacular medium in a small village, grew to be a state level toper in computers in his secondary, and went on to pursue English literature, Philosophy and subsequently Management from Loyola Chennai.

Girish Dhoke

Girish Dhoke is a political perception strategist with more than 10 years of experience as Political consultant, Public affairs, Public relations and media professional. He is a co-founder and partner in JPG PAC-LLC an integrated political perception advocacy firm that advises and runs political campaigns for parties and leaders.

Girish has managed assembley, parliamentary, BMC elections for Shiva Sena right from 2009. As a core member of the team he was instrumental in identifying key issues which could affect the party and designed innovative strategies to counter them with various perception campaigns.

He designed and suggested innovative campaigns to counter MNS’s agenda to bring back core voters to Shivsena as 2009 to 2014 being a crisis phase for Shivsena due to emergence of MNS a new political party founded by Mr Raj Thackrey which was taking considerable vote share of Shivsena. He has also played a critical role managing the perception for Shivsena when BJP & Shivsena split in 2014 elections.

Girish was the core team member of the perception strategy team that worked from the war room for erstwhile CM & KPCC campaign of Karnataka in assembly elections 2018.

Girish has advised and groomed several MLA and MP candidates of various parties for their assembly campaigns. A history and political science graduate from University of Mumbai Girish was a social activist himself.